Last Friday, I had the best weekend workout plan scheduled.  On Saturday my friend and I would run on the National Mall (never done that despite living in DC a combined 7 years, including college) and on Sunday I would run in a 5k sponsored by my nephew’s school.  Well, that didn’t really happen.  Let’s take Saturday on the Mall.  Despite being a proud DC resident who reads the Washington Post all day and the local daily distributed on the Metro (“Express”), I didn’t realize that BOTH the the National Cherry Blossom Festival AND the Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival would be occurring at the same damn time on the Mall and around the corner from the Mall on Pennsylvania Avenue.  Needless to say, my friend and I ran about a mile before we bumped into massive crowds around the Tidal Basin and had to walk the rest of the way.  We ended up walking all the way up 7th Street to Gallery Place and had lunch at Nando’s, totaling about 4 miles.

Beautiful cherry blossoms and the Capitol.

Let’s take Sunday.  My nephew is in kindergarten at a local DC charter school that hosted its first annual 5k fun run and 3k walk at Rock Creek Park – a beautiful and large outdoor space.  It has woods, creeks, winding trails and hills, and is beautiful to run in.  Since kids were participating, the school allowed them to use rollerskates/blades, scooters, bikes and everything else to help them take part in the run/walk.  I decided to run along with my nephew while he rode is scooter.  Well, I didn’t plan on him getting tired, wanting me to help him walk his scooter back to the finish line, and our ensuing argument that it was his scooter and he had to take care of it, lol. Oh, and we turned back early so we didn’t do the full 5k, but rather about 2.25 miles total.  #auntielife

Rock Creek Park

At first, I was rather upset that I didn’t get a full on workout in two days in a row, but I calmed down when I re-framed the situation.  This fitness journey is more about overall health.  It is NOT about being hardcore all the time.  I ran/walked over 6 miles this weekend, not including the walking I did to meet a friend in Georgetown and around the grocery store on Saturday.  I was active, enjoying National monuments, a beautiful park and breathing in fresh air.  What would I have been doing otherwise? Probably just catching up on my DVR…sitting down on a couch.  All in all, remember to keep your eyes on the prize: a healthy and long life.