Jenna Wolfe, one of my favorites on The Today Show, announced her pregnancy on this morning’s broadcast! Yayyy! The sporty, energetic and spunky newscaster brings it every time she’s on screen.  Not only that, she’s also a personal trainer in her spare time.  I’ve even posted one of her awesome workouts on this blog.  (It still kicks my ass!)  But that’s not all of the news Jenna dropped this morning – she also came out of the closet!  She is expecting a baby girl with her partner, and fellow NBC news correspondent, Stephanie Gosk.

It’s always a good time to live free and open, but what better time than now when the Supreme Court is taking up the issue of “gay marriage.”  (I use quotes because I don’t really know what “gay marriage” is…it’s just marriage to me!) So, join me in congratulating Jenna!  See how she announced it this morning in this clip. Love!