Everyone knows you need a few key items for a workout: a top, a bottom and a good pair of sneakers.  Ideally, those items will be moisture-wicking and comfortable.  You also need a pair of socks, which is something most of us don’t put much thought into.  Any random pair of ankle socks (or knee high socks for those of you that dare) will do.  However, once I started exercising more and more, I found that certain socks were more comfortable than others, and I started to buy socks geared toward working out.  So, when Gold Toe (the King of all Socks) sent me a pair of their new performance PowerSox for review, imagine my excitement!


PowerSox straight out of the packaging. Pretty cute.

I tested these socks out through 3 hour-long boot camp-style workouts.  I can safely say these are the best performance socks I’ve ever worn.  Not only could I barely feel the socks, my feet stayed secure and cool.  Often times once you start sweating, socks can become heavy and hot and make  your sneaker feel tight – not so with this awesome pair.

PowerSox on my feet.  They come up slightly higher than normal ankle socks.

PowerSox on my feet. They come up slightly higher than normal ankle socks.

These socks also come up on the ankle slightly higher than normal ankle socks, and also have great arch support, features that I think work together to make the sock comfy.  You would never think  a pair of socks could could make such a difference in your workout, but these made me a believer.  While they are priced at $10.99 for 2 pairs (a little pricey), I recommend you invest in some, especially if you workout as much as me.