My friend posted this awesome video on FB and I had to share it with all of you.  If you want to get into shape, master a few of these moves! I took particular interest in the backflip burpees at 4:33.  Also pay close attention to all of the different types of push-ups! Especially the crucifix and lalanne.  Whew! This dude is a beast, and I can only hope to ever be in this type of shape!

Side note: I only counted 43 exercises…here’s the list:

  1. mountain climbers
  2. dragon walks
  3. jumping lunges
  4. pike roll out
  5. burpees
  6. hanging knee to elbow
  7. frozen v-sit
  8. spiderman push-up
  9. single leg burpee
  10. hindu push-up
  11. diamond push-up
  12. lawnmower extension
  13. archer push-up
  14. fingertip push-up
  15. hanging leg raise
  16. clapping push-up
  17. single leg box jump
  18. chest tap push-up
  19. archer pull-up
  20. clapping pull-up
  21. crucifix push-up
  22. hanging wipers
  23. hanging leg raise to lever
  24. one-arm hanging leg lifts
  25. pistol squat
  26. L seat
  27. muay thai push-up
  28. dragon flags
  29. ab crunch shredder dips
  30. triple clap push-up
  31. lalanne push-up
  32. muscle ups
  33. standing ab wheel roll outs
  34. bodyweight tricep extension
  35. one-arm push-up
  36. one-arm one leg push-up
  37. thigh slap push-up
  38. aztec push-up
  39. superman push-up
  40. hannibal for king leg flutters for men
  41. one-handed clap push-up
  42. backflip burpees
  43. 360 push-up