Okay, I’ll explain.  My nephew came home from school with a recipe for a very healthy smoothie.  To get the kids to drink it, his teachers had to name it something cool: Incredible Hulk Smoothies!!! Otherwise, the spinach in it would not go over well.  Exhibit A:

incredible hulk smoothiesSo, my nephew asked me if we could make it on “our night.” (I babysit him on Tuesdays when my sister — and his mom — attends choir rehearsal at our church.)  We ended up straying from the recipe a bit: we used fresh strawberries, and maybe about two TBSP of honey. We blended it up very well – it takes awhile for the spinach to break down and turn the smoothie green.  It was delicious!  Exhibit B:

alex with smoothieThis is a great snack and I highly recommend it!