You know you’re gonna get down on Thanksgiving.  (Well, I know I am.) And, the only way not to ruin your diet is to workout everyday leading up to Thanksgiving.  My only goal is to break even for the week.  I will get down on the mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, gravy and mashed potatoes and sweet potato pie and…well, you get the picture.


Since today is Tuesday (and you should have exercised yesterday!!!), you still have time to get your calorie burn up.  Here’s your guide:

TUESDAY: Complete a circuit training workout combining weights & cardio.  Try out my boot camp workout.

WEDNESDAY: Cardio galore.  How about killer kardio? 🙂

THURSDAY: Sneak in a quick 30 minute workout in the morning, or even longer if you have the time.  I cook, so 30 minutes is all I will get.  Pop in a workout DVD.  Here’s my favorite.

FRIDAY: After you get back from Black Friday shopping, complete another circuit training workout and torch through some of those calories from the day before.