While I sit here enjoying my day off from work (thanks to Hurricane Sandy) I found an article listing the Top 10 Foods to have on hand during a hurricane. (I would add an 11 and 12 to this list – bacon and the alcohol of your choice.  For me? Vodka and/or tequila :-))

1. Bottled water – because you never know what will ooze out of the tap during and after the storm.

2. Canned sardines and tuna – need no refrigeration or heat. Great source of protein, vitamins and minerals.

3. Canned beans – tread carefully here. Beans are an amazing source of protein, fiber, and other nutrients. However, if you plan on spending a long time with people in closed quarters, make sure everyone can stomach the fiber.

4. Fresh vegetables and fruits – because you can’t eat canned food all day long. Pre-wash whatever you can so as not to waste the bottled water in case of an outage.

5. Canned vegetables – for when the fresh stuff runs out. And because fresh corn needs to be cooked, while canned corn is a sweet bliss.

6. Hard boiled eggs – prepare these in advance and add to your canned tuna, throw into a salad, or add sliced onto sandwiches.

7. Condiments – have the basics – salt, pepper, olive oil, etc… to add to whatever you are preparing.

8. Peanut butter and jams – nothing like PB&J for kids. Choose peanut butter made with just peanuts. No added ingredients. There’s plenty of sugar in the jam.

9. Nuts, seeds, and dried food – nutritional powerhouses. Just try not to munch too much at a sitting. The fats are healthy, but the calories add up.

10. Pet food! Because Fido needs to eat when it’s stormy too.