Howard Homecoming.  If you don’t know about it, I’ll try to explain the greatness of it to you in a few short words.  A week-long celebration at Howard University in Washington, D.C., Howard Homecoming is the standard when it comes representin’ your school, having fun and stuntin’.  It spans from current HU students to HU alumni (young and old) to college students from all over to famous athletes to rappers.  And if you’re Greek (like me), Homecoming gives you the chance to meet and bond with frat and sorors from not only from HU, but the many that gather to take part in the rich tradition of Divine Nine at such an historical campus.  Over the years, everyone one from Biggie & Jay-Z to Boyz II Men & John Legend have graced the campus.  For a sneak peek of what takes place, take a look at Young Jeezy’s performance on the Yard from last year. (This is part of the FREE YardFest!)