I have been meaning to do a post on yoga for quite some time.  I’ve been practicing vinyasa yoga for about a year at a cute studio in the Adams Morgan neighborhood in DC called Embrace.  Vinyasa Yoga is a form of “flow” where you move through poses in sequences with rhythmic breathing.  The sequences end in a “vinyasa” where you move from plank to chaturanga to upward facing dog, and finally to downward facing dog.

downward facing dog. looks easy, right?

I must admit that I was pretty much a non-believer in yoga.  I had heard the claims that it was calming, relieved stress and induced a zen-like state.  Then I finally went to a class…and boy, was I wrong.  It does all of that and THEN SOME!  Besides the fact that yoga has saved me from cursing somebody out at work, it has made me more flexible, healed an ITB injury in my right leg AND toned my body in a way that weights just can’t do.  I didn’t think it would be challenging, but try to get your body into the birds of paradise pose!

crane pose

I’m currently working on the crane pose.  I am DETERMINED to get this thing down…but I just feel like I’m gonna bust my a$$, ROFL.  Meanwhile, I highly recommend that you consider yoga.  It changed my life 🙂