I love to eat.  I always want to munch on something.  I never understand how people forget to eat.  It’s never happened to me.  In fact, I think I’ve tried to forget before, LOL.  I look forward to breakfast, lunch and dinner, but especially my afternoon snack – which is probably the MOST important meal in my day.  It’s easy to make it through the few hours separating breakfast & lunch, but not so easy to make it from lunch to dinner.  That could be upwards of 7 hours if you eat lunch around noon and eat dinner around 7! GASP! So, I break up that time with a well-timed (3-4 p.m.) and healthy snack. 

My favorite snack of all time is apple & peanut butter! OMG! It’s filling and healthy.  (I keep the PB at around 1.5 TBSP or the snack can quickly become not so healthy).  It not only holds me ’til dinner, but also fuels an after work exercise session! I also tend to snack on cheese & crackers, guacamole & chips, veggies & dip and granola bars. 

What are some of your favorite snacks?  Don’t know yet? Well, here are some suggestions…