This past Saturday, my boyfriend, his brother and I ran in a mud run.  I was very skeptical, but since I love my bf I had to do it.  The Mud Factor was held in Charlotte Hall, MD, just a little over an hour outside of D.C.  It’s a 5k filled with obstacles and mud, e.g. climbing over walls, running through mud and crawling through what I can only call a pigsty of mud. 

the aftermath.

I was very surprised at how good my body felt – at the beginning of the race there were several obstacles back-to-back, then a long trail run separated by one obstacle (a rope wall climb), more running, then the final two obstacles.  While it was challenging, I wasn’t completely spent afterward.  The next day, however, my knees, arms and right side of my neck were sore! I’m OK now though…nothing a little ibuprofen can’t fix.  I highly recommend taking part in a mud run as an alternative to your regular workout routine!