…Well, I know I do! Once again while trolling Pinterest, I found a “Burnin’ Legs & Abs” Workout.  At first glance, it looked pretty basic until I saw the number of reps.  Whoa.


This workout is official.  According to my Fitbit (I need to do a review, I love this damn thing.  The bf bought it for me for my bday back in June!), it took me 19 minutes and I burned 99 calories!  I did the whole routine without weights, which would have definitely added a few more burned calories to that total.  I then took a short break (made my nephew a quick dinner), and followed the workout with the Jenna Wolfe 10-minute cardio circuit.  That took me a little over 13 minutes and I burned another 94 calories! So, in about 30 minutes, I burned 193 calories – I can’t complain! Give it a shot!