Hair.  It’s the one thing women  – especially African-American women – worry about when it comes to exercise.  I just spent $100 on this hair, should I workout? Will my hairstyle stay intact while I go on this run? Sigh.  As I’ve discussed before, hair is a concern for me even though it doesn’t hold me back from getting my workout on.  I do take steps to “keep it together” by securing my hair with pins and using a Save Your ‘Do GymWrap.

While reading the newspaper, I came across an article discussing the 3rd annual Hair Fitness Competition at the famous Bronner Brothers International Hair Show earlier this month.  (For the uninitiated, this is THE premier black hair show in the country.)  What is a “hair fitness competition?”  Apparently, it’s where hair stylists compete to come up with the most exercise-friendly hairstyle.

Sponsored by UnitedHealthcare, the contest is designed to get hair professionals thinking about exercise-friendly styles. Whether it’s an updo, a weave or braids, the key to winning is finding an attractive look that women can maintain no matter how often they want to raise their heart rates.

the woman standing next to the surgeon general is donning the winning “spiky red” cut.

I’m all in favor of this.  I support anything designed to get people off their asses and improve their health – it’s a win-win!  So, what do YOU do with your hair?