I was strolling around Target about a month ago and came across a workout headband that cost about $4.  The Dri Sweat Edge claimed to work the same magic on your hair as the Save Your Do GymWrap – keeping your edges down while wicking away sweat during workouts.

I wore it to Burn & Flow Yoga just like the woman on the package, with my hair brushed back and secured with clips.  (I cut my hair about 3 months ago, so I no longer wrap it up.)  I was impressed with the results:

The pros of this headband are the cost (clearly), it fits tightly & stays in place, and it absorbs sweat while keeping edges in check.  The only con from what I can tell is that it’s non-adjustable.  I can imagine over time it will likely get stretched out. 

You all know I LOVE the Save Your Do GymWrap…but I also love a great price.  If you don’t want to come up with the $25+ for the Save Your Do, this is a great alternative for at least the short term.