I came across a great circuit workout created by Jenna Wolfe, Today show anchor/fitness enthusiast/personal trainer.  Besides traveling the country and the globe for NBC, Jenna finds the time to train 10 people at her local gym.  I wonder how long her waitlist is…. Anywho, below is a 10-minute circuit, with 10 moves.  It looks pretty hard, but I am going to try it tonight.  Let me know how you do! (BTW, I’ve been trying all morning to embed the video from Today’s web site, but I’m clearly technically challenged! See the moves in action here.) 

100 jumping jacks

90 butt kicks

80 high knees

70 low front kicks

60 mountain climbers

50 toy soldiers

40 shoulder side to sides

30 inner heels

20 basketball jump shots (BALLIN!)

10 kick drops

(Counting down from 100 to 10 is commonly called a pyramid workout; similar to the 100 workout I posted last week!)