**UPDATE** This workout took me 23 minutes, 56 seconds to complete.  I did not take breaks between each circuit.  I was not that winded, but my heart rate did come up; it felt like a long warm up.  (I am an intermediate to advanced exerciser, so keep that in mind while trying to assess this workout for your fitness level.) To make this more challenging next time, I will jump rope, do high knees, butt kicks or something else for one minute in between each exercise.  That will make the workout over 30 minutes and add some intensity.


I found this really cool workout on Pinterest called “The 100 Workout.”  You do a series of exercises counting down from 100 jumping jacks to 10 minutes of running. 

I am going to try this tonight to shake up my exercise routine.  I’ve read it takes about 30 minutes (perfect cardio circuit).  If I want to make it longer, I’ll run 20 minutes, then pair it with a weights workout.  I’ll report back on how it goes!