There’s this one thing that people often cite as their reason for not working out – TIME.  They just can’t find those 30-60 minutes to get in a workout 3-4 days a week, not to mention the 6 that would be ideal.  This is very understandable: people have jobs, families, belong to organizations and churches, and can have many other commitments that take up a ton of time.  However, everyone should find the time to take care of themselves; it’ll make all of those tasks and commitments that much easier because you’ll have more energy!  Here are 10 Ways to Find More Time for Exercise:

1.  Wake up earlier

My least favorite suggestion of all! However, if you had to be at work earlier, you would certainly wake up earlier to get there on time.  Prioritize exercise in the same way.  Plus, you’ll arrive at work with some pep in your step!

2.  Cut down on media

Take note of all the time you spend on your cell phone, tablet, laptop, Kindle, Facebook, Twitter, and think of all the time you COULD spend exercising.  I’m not suggesting you give up all of these things, but do realize they can be a time suck!

3.  Be an active TV watcher

When those commercials come on, do some push-ups, sit-ups, jog in place, or anything you may be in the mood to do.  It’s better than those commercials anyway!

4.  Try an active commute

Some people may have the option to walk or ride their bike to work.  I think even taking public transportation ups your daily exercise.  Do anything to get out of your car!

5.  Make it part of your routine

Think of exercising like anything else you do everyday like taking a shower or brushing your hair.  It’s not “extra,” it’s essential.

6.  Mix socializing with exercising

Join a group for any exercise you choose – there are running clubs, group classes at your local gym or a community group that may just walk around your ‘hood.  Having people to talk to helps the workout go by MUCH faster!

7.  Turn chores into exercise

Turn up the music and vaccum those rugs with gusto!

8.  Schedule an appointment

Just like a doctor’s appointment or your daughter’s PTA meeting, schedule your exercise.  It will be just like anything else on your calendar and you’ll get it done!

9.  Find an activity you love

Just because everyone else loves spinning doesn’t mean you have to! Maybe you love to run or swim.  If you find that activity you love, you won’t dread your workout.

10.  Say no

You can’t be everything to everybody all the time.  Say no, and take the time to exercise!