I’m currently fuming from several encounters at work.  We just had a farewell party for a colleague who’s leaving for greener pastures – the second one in six days – which, of course, included two sheet cakes from Costco – one chocolate and one vanilla.  Three of my co-workers asked me why I wasn’t eating any cake.  At first I said, “it’s too early,” then I said, “I’m trying to get into this bikini I bought, lol” and I finally said “I’m on a diet.”  All three responses were met with eye rolls, gasps, and instructions that I can just work it off the next time I work out.

I AM SO TIRED of people who make me (and others) feel bad for making healthier choices.  There are days I do eat the cake offered at my job (I was just explaining to someone how I LOVE Costco cake), but there are days I choose not to because I’m thinking about my ass, abs, thighs, arms, shoulders, etc. (okay, I lied, I don’t really worry about my ass :-)).  It takes hard work and sacrifice to achieve the body results you want.  It is impossible to eat a big ass slice of cake a few times a week and expect to not have some extra lovin’ on those hips. 


As I woo-sah to get through the rest of the day, I will feel 10x better about myself while I workout during my lunch hour.  Just a couple weeks ago, the media attempted to shame Lady Gaga for dreaming of cheeseburgers while eating healthy and exercising.  It is impossible to look like Gaga, prance around a stage singing and dancing for hours, while eating cheeseburgers on a regular basis.  I get that girls shouldn’t be told they can NEVER have a cheeseburger, but there’s nothing wrong with discussing the reality of nutrition. 

Now, if you excuse me, I have an apple to eat.