Yes, you read the title of this post right: “twerking” can be considered a form of EXERCISE.  For those of you who don’t know, twerking is gyrating, shaking and bouncing – ahem – your rear end in a rhythmic fashion to music, usually some down south rap.  Exhibit A:

(These ladies, dubbed the “Twerk Team” actually have their own YouTube channel and they’ve been mentioned in a popular rap star’s song.)

Yeah…so, once you pick your mouth up off the floor, you can see that twerking actually involves a lot of muscle control.  It can obviously burn a lot of calories, and it doesn’t require a gym or any equipment.  What makes it different from other forms of dance for exercise, namely ballet, hip hop or the newly popular Zumba?

Truth be told, a lot of women do this in the privacy of their own homes.  Is this the new workout craze? Will it follow in the footsteps of pole dancing?  Well, count me in.