Did you catch Shonda Rhimes’ (creator of Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice) new drama “Scandal” last night, starring the beautiful and talented Kerry Washington? Well, if you didn’t, I recommend that you add it to your TV lineup immediately!

The Cast of Scandal

Just so I won’t give too much away, the first episode lived up to the the title of the show perfectly! Kerry Washington plays the role of “Olivia Pope,” a DC-based political insider-lawyer-public relations guru-goon who is immensely respected in DC.  She not only helps clients get off, she fixes their reputation – even before its hurt.  She used to work for the POTUS and enjoys enviable access to the White House…in more ways than one.  I’ll be tuning in next Thursday at 10 (right after Grey’s) for sure!  You can watch the first episode here.  Enjoy!