Everyone wants to be there for their loved ones – friends, family and otherwise – in all aspects of life.  When creating a healthy lifestyle, it is key to have support all around you.  It can help lead to greater weight loss.  It’s a big reason Weight Watchers works for many people.  These four tips can help you support your friends and family in their journeys to  healthy lifestyles!

1. Lead by example.

There’s no way you can tell someone else to get healthy when you’re NOT doing it yourself! Besides, what advice could you possibly give if you’re still eating McDonald’s three times a week? Perhaps the most important piece of this puzzle, we all must practice what we preach.  Do you have to be perfect? No.  But do have to be on your own journey to a healthy lifestyle? Yes!

2. Don’t Preach! Or Nag!

While your loved ones will be open to hearing your advice about weight loss, exercise and everything in between, no one likes someone who’s preaching or better yet, nagging.  There’s no need to be mister-or-misses-know-it-all giving your two cents when it’s unnecessary.  Does this mean you can never give advice – either solicited or unsolicited?  Of course not.  If you see your loved one making some choices that will make his or her road to health tougher, point it out (gently) and leave it alone!

3. Lend a helping hand, ear and body.

You should always be ready to be an active participant in your loved one’s journey.  Take a walk with them, share a new workout plan, listen to their frustrations or anything else that will help them.   Not only will this help your loved one, but it will keep you accountable to yourself (see #1.)

4. Be compassionate.

Last, but certainly not least: If you’re doing 1-3, this one should come easy.  Remember that your loved one is human and not a machine.  Don’t look down on them and be positive at all times!

Photo credit: totalfitnessexperience.com