A couple weeks ago I told you the 3 Fashion Items I Can’t Live Without.  This week I’m telling you the 3 Fitness Items I Can’t Live Without.  We all have those things that motivate us to work out, or keep us going while we work out.  For me it’s my:

1.  Lucy Capris

They are soooo comfortable! They’re made out of some really soft moisture-wicking material.  They’re snug, but not super tight, they stay in place, and they have a cool pocket in the back.  I can pair these with any of the workout tops I have.  I can do ANY exercise in these pants – HIIT (high intensity interval training), jogging, yoga, and everything in between!  Highly recommended.

getting ready for a workout.

2.  Workout DVDs

I love working out at home.  I think it’s really underrated.  Let’s be honest: going to the gym can be a chore, especially if you don’t live close to your gym.  Travel time alone can persuade you to sit on the couch instead of making your way to the gym. This became a problem for me a couple years back, but then I discovered the now-defunct Exercise TV and began collecting DVDs.  Jillian Michaels.  Cindy Whitmarsh.  Cathe Friedrich.  Kendall Hogan.  And the Bikini Body Camp is the greatest of all time!  With DVDs, you can do anything from cardio to weights to strength training, and do it in the comfort of your home. Then, you can just run to the shower when you’re done! No driving home first!

just a few DVDs from my collection.

3.  Save Your Do Wide Band GymWrap

It’s my new favorite fitness item! It keeps my edges and hair in check!  I wrote a review and even ordered another style of the gymwrap.