For a very long time, I had heard about the wonders of boot camp.  Some man or woman would make you do unimaginable things like mountain climbers, jumping jacks, running, step ups, push-ups and awful burpees…but back to back, all at once and really fast!  So, of course I had to see for myself.  I bought a Groupon for boot camps offered by Custom Fitness Concepts, a local DC company, and signed up for classes taught by someone named Reggie.  I hated Reggie for the entire hour I was there, but I did enjoy the results I saw over the course of the month I took his class.  Since then, I’ve gone back a few times and even brought a friend with me (and yes, we’re still friends).  All jokes aside, I highly recommend boot camps to anyone – those of you who want to jump start your weight loss, anyone maintaining and/or if you want a challenge.  If you’re ready to get your ass kicked, contact Reggie via his web site if you’re in the DC area.  Otherwise, look one up in your town.

Below is a sample of what you’ll encounter at boot camp.  Have fun 🙂