If you’re a vegan, could you date a meat eater? If you’re a meat eater, could you date a vegetarian? We all would like to think that differing diets wouldn’t derail a relationship, but think about it for a minute…. Would you ever be able to agree on a restaurant?  Could the meat eater cook bacon/beef/chicken in the house?  As an admitted and proud carnivore (I tried going vegetarian for one month and it was pure hell), I’m pretty sure I could date a vegetarian, but I don’t know about a vegan (no animal products whatsoever?!)

It seems that the impact of mismatched diets could come down to the respect each person has for the other.  However, food plays such a central role in our lives.  We bond with family, friends and even strangers over great food and wine.  For me, that does not include black bean “burgers”, but rather a medium New York strip steak at Morton’s.

What do you think?